• You can build things with Legos. You can make stuff with toys. But eventually you've got to grow up and build real things. Big things. DonaldJ's PVC Pipe Construction Set makes these things possible. OK, so maybe it's still a toy. But what a toy!

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  • Puck3D's Customizable MakeItFloat 1.0 placed 2nd in the #MakeItFloat Challenge. The Customizer lets you set parameters for a floating container and then does the math to maximize the amount of weight it can carry. Cool!

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  • Congratulations to Macakcat on his #MakeItFloat Challenge win! His GO-GO AirBoat detects when its penny-filled cargo containers are fully loaded and automatically motors away. Amazing!

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  • Intentional3D's Platform Jack is fully functional, prints completely assembled, and requires no supports. You just download it and print it. Amazing.

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