• Zeycus originally designed this abstract chess set in PovRay back in 2001. Fortunately for us, he recently recreated the design using OpenSCAD. After nearly 15 years, it's finally ready to print!

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  • Simonarri's Miter Razor is a handy tool for making miters and chops in small materials. It's great for model building, doll house trim, etc. Print it today and please don't chop off your finger.

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  • Francfalco's Finger Wrench is going to change your life. You laugh now, but the next time you find yourself trying to work with a nut or bolt in the most awkward position imaginable, you'll know it's true. Print it now so it'll be ready when you need it.
  • Timlo's 'Our Dream House in Hong Kong' won 2nd place in the #SeeTheWorld Challenge. His OpenSCAD design generates unique Hong Kong style housing towers using Customizer. Fire it up and create an entire city.

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