• Marble runs get the marble to the bottom of the track. Marble machines get the marble back to the top and start the fun all over again, and @Tuilio's 3D Printed Marble Machine #3 does so in the most delightful way. Print this Thing right now and inject some fun into your life. You deserve it.

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  • A wireless future may be rapidly approaching, but it's not here yet. For those who are still drowning in a sea of wires @Juanfly's Cable Management Hive is a much needed lifeline. 3D print a few and untangle your life today.

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  • You've been on Thingiverse for years. You're a downloading fiend and a making machine. You follow all the best designers and your Things To Make collection is ten pages deep. What's next?

    Show your gratitude for great work and support your favorite designers as they create the next great Things.

    Find the Tip Designer button on a Thing or Profile page and click it.
  • @dougmccune's Sculpture of San Francisco Housing Prices uses data from 5,000 recent home sales to artistically depict a growing disconnect between adjacent neighborhood. It might just be the perfect 3D printed conversation piece.

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