• 3Derp's RaspBMO is based on everyone's favorite sentient game console. It runs RetroPie and supports over 20 different emulators. And, well, just look at it!

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  • Some people look at space and appreciate the emptiness; we look at space and see a blank canvas, awaiting inspiration. Enter the #CountertopChallenge today and help fill in the empty space on your kitchen countertop.

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  • Jcnoguera's Polix is a bold necklace designed to be attached via chain, rope, or whatever suits your look. Practice gracefully accepting compliments while you're making it.

    "Oh, thank you! I printed it myself."

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  • Designing a 17 piece printable trumpet that looks like a Bach Stradivarius is a notable feat. Designing one that you can actually play is friggin' amazing. Download sculptswithteeth's creation, print, and play.

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