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I'm here representing 3DKitbash.com! ...We're a group of toy industry vets with a history of award-winning and noteworthy innovations catering to various fortune 500 companies. Be it Designing, Inventing, or Development work, we've had a hand in most facets of toy creation and loved every minute of it! - Now we're off to new adventures and currently working within the realms of 3D Printing and Modelling where our 3DKitbash team focuses primarily on developing product for the new owners of 3D Printers. - Here we strive to help these new members of our community Build Better, and Build Faster!

3DKitbash http://3dkitbash.com/

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Printers: MakerBot Replicator 2X


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3DK Launcher - 3DKitbash.com - Print & Play by 3DKitbash Sep 18, 2013
Quin G1: Mop1 - Hairy EXCLUSIVE - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Feb 24, 2014
Quin: Skull Mask - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Jun 5, 2014
Quin G1: Fist1 - Handy UpKit - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Mar 7, 2014