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Hi guys! I'm trying to kick off a website that reviews 3d Printing files and 3D printers, and also trying to make it a resource for 3d printing news. 3dpicks.com

Thank you for your support! http://patreon.com/Awesomea

Bitsbac http://www.3DPicks.com


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Sloth Bust & Astro Sloth by AwesomeA Mar 16, 2013
Butler's Son - Majora's Mask by AwesomeA Feb 12, 2015
Neat! by AwesomeA Mar 28, 2015
Logos by AwesomeA Feb 16, 2015
Signatures by AwesomeA Mar 29, 2015
Sad Man Sitting by AwesomeA Feb 12, 2015