About BodgeItQuick

Founder of Soft Stuff Software, Risetime Electronics and now TakeAway3DTech

TakeAway3DTech 2013
Only open source projects. Like RepRap, Solar, and CNC systems.
No fat fees to pay to solicitors, associations or the ANA for bar codes, No rent rates or other taxes ECO friendly where ever is economically possible to do so.
Using a Solar Powered Laser Cutter.

Soft Stuff Software & Risetime Electronics 1988-1998
Neither were Open source with Trademarks and copyrights using ANA numbers and membership of FAST. Manufacturing and distribution of Educational software including supplying 15,000 Lets Spell at Home to Commodore for the Class of the 90s Amiga pack. Magic Story Book demonstrated in 1990 on Rolf's Cartoon time Channel 4 HTV syndicated it to 4 million viewers in the UK.

ANA is the Article Number Association where you register for a Bar Code to be used in High Street Shops.

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