About DataDink

I have always been fascinated with digital 3D art and technologies but never motivated to develop any skill with it. Now that I can bring my creations into existence I have become obsessed with learning. Please feel free to constructively criticize anything you see here. The more feedback I receive the more I can improve.


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Printers: Da'Vinci Jr, M3D, 1 UP

Design Programs: Blender, Sculptris

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Lil' Pikachu by DataDink Aug 6, 2016
Lil' Eevee by DataDink Aug 1, 2016
Lil' Murky by DataDink Apr 9, 2016
Fabulous Murky by DataDink Jan 4, 2017
Lil' Mickey by DataDink Dec 7, 2016
HearthCase by DataDink Mar 11, 2016