Abardeen F80 wrist strap by DrLex 4 days ago
Big Round Bag Clip by DrLex 4 days ago
Mini Mushroom Overhang & Short Layer Torture Test by DrLex Dec 30, 2016
Mini M3 hex key wrench by DrLex Dec 11, 2016
Grabber/Support for Glass Bed Plate (customizable) by DrLex Dec 11, 2016
Customizable Adjustable Glass Bed Bracket for FlashForge Creator Pro etc by DrLex Dec 7, 2016
Mini Trash Can with moving wheels by DrLex Dec 2, 2016
FlashForge Creator Pro hood insert 2.0 by DrLex Nov 26, 2016
Fidget Spanner Spinner Hand Toy by DrLex Nov 24, 2016
iRuler customizable ruler by DrLex Nov 19, 2016
Weebl and Bob by DrLex Nov 13, 2016
Z-Axis shim spacer for 2016 FlashForge Creator Pro 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm (for glass bed) by DrLex Nov 12, 2016