Formfutura  The Netherlands
Webshop for 3D printer filaments.
Webshop for 3D printer filaments.
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Tweezers by Euklid Dec 10, 2012
Up!mini 3D Spoolholder by minne Mar 1, 2013
Simple Polygon Elements by ambrop7 Feb 17, 2013
Wood filament grain app by pintokitkat Jun 15, 2013
#Up! Plus Universal Formfutura spoolholder by Henkbanaan Feb 17, 2013
Mini-Spool by johannesbehr Aug 7, 2013
Rep2 spool holder for FormFutura reels. by mread Feb 8, 2013
Formfutura spoolholder by Scubamatt41 Dec 15, 2012
Spool for Laywoo-D3 3mm and 1.75mm by 3Dprintergear Dec 29, 2012
laywoo-D3 spoolholder by Scubamatt41 Jan 23, 2013
Print wood now - with tree rings! LAYWOO-D3 mm filament by Kaipa Sep 16, 2012