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Freelance 3D and 2D Design.
[email protected]

I'm a Star Wars fan yeah, but I love any Sci Fi really, I grew up in the 80's so anything from that era is near and dear to me :)

I have not been uploading much content lately because I have been hung up on a large one. I finally decided to sit down and model/print the Full size Robocop helmet, and then got carried away and did the chest plate too, but it is alot of work so I will finish up the helmet, get it painted and make sure it fits.

The Robocop Helmet is much harder to do than the Emp guard or Storm Trooper, there are many parts, and some parts need to be made very adjustable to accomodate for the different chin shapes people have. The helmet part also needs to be a relatively good fit, otherwise its going to look like a cheap costume store prop, and that's not what I want. I am using Flex filament for the Chin piece also.

Currently have a Prusa I3, Flashforge Dual and a Kossel mini in my arsenal, and am currently designing another flavour of the Kossel mini, but more mini :)

*** I get a steady flood of emails asking me about painting 3D models, and to save people the hassle, I'm going to do a youtube video of painting one. I did have a long ass winded explanation here, but pictures are always more fun.


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