About Geoffro

I enjoy creating things for people to print! I grew up in the 80's, so for me I have a bit of a passion for things from that era, mainly Sci-fi, movie and comic book related things, but that's the fun stuff I do with my printers :) I am also still working on several 1/1 scale movie props, A face Hugger, a 6 Foot T800 Exoskeleton (yes I'm doing the whole freakin thing! You have not seen a mammoth print job until you have seen this.. let me assure you lol... )

For the serious stuff, I am currently working on a thought activated prosthetic hand, which is a simple bond between a mindwave brain kit, an arduino and the hand using alpha and beta waves to open and close the hand, and a goal of more complex hand positions with different thoughts.

I am back to full time work, but if anyone wants requests done, now is the time to ask because I'm not charging :)

[email protected]


A snapshot of Geoffro's favorite designs, collections and makes

Darth Vader Reveal Bust by Geoffro Jun 28, 2014
The Hulk Sculpt Made by Geoffro Jul 4, 2014
SWU Kit 1 - Jabba's Rancor. (posable figure) by Geoffro May 23, 2014
Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable) by Geoffro Jul 11, 2014
Alien Jockey Commemorative Bust / Model by Geoffro Jul 3, 2014
Darth Vader Reveal Bust Made by Geoffro Jun 28, 2014