About Geoffro

Enjoy what's here while its here, I am moving/moved to CG Trader. Adios Amigos!

Remixing people's model is a fun hobby, but doesn't pay the bills unfortunately :) I probably have close to 2000 designs that I have not uploaded that are original, all sorts of things - but I have to be honest, uploading things here for me is a nightmare. Most of the time, it either fails or does this rubber band thing... uploads 50% and then restarts... I don't have this issue on any other sites. :/ so the reality of uploading them all here is not a fun prospect.

So yes, I am available for freelance work, but if I don'r respond for 1-2 days don't be discouraged
[email protected]


A snapshot of Geoffro's favorite designs, collections and makes

Darth Vader Reveal Bust by Geoffro Jun 28, 2014
SWU Kit 1 - Jabba's Rancor. (posable figure) by Geoffro May 23, 2014
Alien Jockey Commemorative Bust / Model by Geoffro Jul 3, 2014
Darth Vader Reveal Bust Made by Geoffro Jun 28, 2014