About Geoffro

Thanks for stopping by, if you were wanting to leave a tip, thank you but I have disabled them. The system here seems to not really be all that great.

A very common trend I'm seeing, some users download a model off here, re-upload it without modifications at all and then receive tips on it or place paypal links on in the description - just doesn't seem right. This is something I hope they eventually balance out.

If you would like to tip me or support me, you can sign onto my patreon page where you will be able to get all my new models but i'll still post updates here to existing models.

Making models for the community to print for free is very rewarding, but it does not pay the bills sadly and with a young family to support I can no longer provide free models or free design work. I am available for hire.



Feel free to contact me at geoff@hex3d.com or if my email is having a bad day, via my website www.hex3d.com

** I am currently booked out for jobs I am sorry. If you are requiring a cosplay item like a full suit, I will not be able to start it until mid march 2017 so please book in advance if you have a convention coming up.


I Am A…

Engineer, Artist, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: OCP Mk1

Design Programs: Blender, ZBrush

3D Design Skill Level



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Star Wars 68 1,688
Flashforge 329 1,576
Thingiverse 178 1,547


A snapshot of Geoffro's favorite designs, collections and makes

Darth Vader Reveal Bust by Geoffro Jun 28, 2014
Dasaki Compact Animatronic Eyes Made by Geoffro Jan 29, 2016
Jabba's Rancor. (posable figure) by Geoffro May 23, 2014
Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable) by Geoffro Jul 11, 2014

Verified Files

Alien Jockey Commemorative Bust / Model by Geoffro Jul 3, 2014
Robo Kitty v1.0 by Geoffro Mar 16, 2015