About LoboCNC

I design and build 3D printers. I'm on my 9th 3D printer design. I think I might have a problem.


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Tools I Use…

Printers: UDIO, Makergear, Kerrby, Delta-T, MOD-t

Design Programs: Solidworks


A snapshot of LoboCNC's favorite designs, collections and makes

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate by LoboCNC Jan 23, 2015

Featured Thing!

Gyroman by LoboCNC Apr 11, 2015

Featured Thing!

Steel String Guitar, Take 2 by LoboCNC Aug 22, 2016

Featured Thing!

Print-In-Place Roll-Top Snack Bin by LoboCNC Aug 28, 2016
Playing Card Shooter by LoboCNC Aug 8, 2015
Spool Holder / Marble Machine by LoboCNC Dec 30, 2015