Sherlock Holmes Bust by sylvar75 Jun 9, 2014
One-stop Menger shop by mathgrrl 2 days ago
Jointed Robot by Shira 3 days ago

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Father Christmas down a chimney by b19dyl 3 days ago
KEEPCOOL by Charlie1982 3 days ago
Sir. Egg knight by Mentalist 3 days ago
Bearded Man Wall Hanger by 3DWP 4 days ago
Corrugated sign by mathgrrl Nov 16, 2014

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Lee the Ghost of Vinyl by vinnivanhood Nov 17, 2014
Beefysteak by kriegs Jan 3, 2014
Tresure Chest Dice Case by dutchmogul Nov 16, 2014

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123D Catch files and Netfabb step by step by tomburtonwood Nov 16, 2014