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Winner of the TinkerCad/Makerbot chess challenge, author of 3D Printing Blueprints, and all around cool guy.


CymonsGames http://joes3dworkbench.blogspot.com/

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Designer, Artist, Teacher

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Printers: Wanhaou

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A snapshot of cymon's favorite designs, collections and makes

Chessbot Hero (Formerly Action Chess V3) by cymon Jun 17, 2012
Robot Poker Modular Playing Card Robots Made by cymon Aug 7, 2013
TARDIS Run Prototype (help me finish) by cymon Sep 23, 2013
Breach: Starship Duels Made by cymon Aug 13, 2013
Pawns - Lovecraft Collection by cymon Feb 25, 2012

Featured Thing!

Alot of Parts Made by cymon May 10, 2012