Printer LCD Controller Bracket for 1.5" 8020 by the_digital_dentist 4 mins ago
Folium a 3D Printed Book of Bas Relief from the Art Institute of Chicago by tomburtonwood 12 mins ago
IPhone 5 dock cord organiser by tisabelle 19 mins ago
Improved Arduino Mega2560 Mounting Clip for 1.5" 8020 by the_digital_dentist 36 mins ago
Personalised Guitar Pick with the letter M by Mollycaking 1 hr ago
Zelda Magnetic Boss Chest by joshvillbrandt 4 hrs ago
Axle and Non-Knurled Endcaps for Enhanced Math Spinner by anoved 6 hrs ago
Siphon Endpiece by roman_hegglin 6 hrs ago
Prusa i3 3mm Steel Laser cut (aka cordobesa) by revolucion3D 7 hrs ago
*preview* Team BlackSheep (TBS) Discovery Brushless Gimbal / upgrade to Discovery Pro by adi380 7 hrs ago
Case for Raspberry Pi with PiGlow by xmbrst 7 hrs ago
Quick Release Prop Guard modelled after the one by Buster by eedoga 9 hrs ago