Augustus Made by Aiden_Pearce 56 mins ago
Elliptical Gear with no center pivot Made by thingengineer 1 hr ago
Fairy Tail Guild Logo Made by jesserain15 4 hrs ago
6gon design bowl Made by STIG_ 4 hrs ago
Sitting Elephant Made by crashvb 5 hrs ago
Berry Bear Made by exilhamburger 7 hrs ago
Strognarox Made by bendansie 8 hrs ago
Easter Island Moai - Dual extrusion style Made by EricPrints 8 hrs ago
Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back Sidearm (cut up) Made by onyx3182 8 hrs ago
Lisa the printable skull Made by the_nerdling 8 hrs ago
LOVE Sculpture Made by monchete 8 hrs ago
Patrick Stewart Bust Made by SeanAranda 9 hrs ago