Molecule Construction Kit Made by mfritz 30 mins ago
animal cell / eukaryotic cell -model Made by f0rthleo 4 hrs ago
Dinosaur Skull Made by hugobav 9 hrs ago
Trigger Finger Splint Made by shortcircuitaz 13 hrs ago
Worm Gear (16:1) Made by Tuba_Fett 14 hrs ago
Skull of Phineas Gage Made by Camaraderie 14 hrs ago
Molar - Tooth Made by choschiba 23 hrs ago
Saber-Toothed Cat Skull Made by morriscode 1 day ago
3D Printed Pop Pop Boat Made by Spongebob1969 2 days ago
Magnetic stirrer from a 80 mm fan Made by Skrude 2 days ago
Math Spinner Enhanced (fast print, no support) Made by Isacat 2 days ago
Sierpinski pyramide - without the need of support Made by Nain 2 days ago