Circle Cut Diamond by ButterfieldMech 2 days ago
Night in the Woods - Mae Ring by FLOWALISTIK 2 days ago
Size 15 ring with mount for 8mm pearl (ring in mm) by TheMCP 3 days ago
Square Pendant by CatSick 3 days ago
Pendant leaf ginkgo *.stl by HappyGold 3 days ago
Diamond 57/58 Mold by alex_belov 3 days ago
Lucha Libre Dusters by DieTheVillain 4 days ago
Logo APPLE jewel - pendentif by NOP21 5 days ago
Love Heart Pendant by wslab Mar 24, 2017
Planet Necklace by jakobsperry Mar 23, 2017
ring by jwtarter98 Mar 23, 2017
Triangle Plugs by Moo00se Mar 22, 2017