Duplo Train for Wood Tracks by xtopher88 1 day ago
Coil Spring by LeFabShop 1 day ago
"Holo clock" parts for 28BYJ-48 geared stepper motor by egil 1 day ago
Emmet's Cube Gears (2-3) split into two prints. by FlyingWhale 2 days ago
Coin Top with Spikes by Scibrary 3 days ago
No-Cal USS Nimoy rubber-powered aircraft by afitzwater 3 days ago
Digger Arm for the Robot tank toy project. by hobbyman Mar 23, 2015
Wobbly Nametagged now also available with other language characters by XiaoShiZi Mar 22, 2015
Floating arm trebuchet (dimes and pennies) by cerdish Mar 21, 2015
XQ-Bow by DHeadrick Mar 20, 2015
Do nothing machine by briansmith Mar 19, 2015
Mouse ball tumbler toy by magonegro Mar 19, 2015