Marbelvator, Armed (but not dangerous!), Back On Tracks. by gzumwalt 3 days ago
Marbelvator, Armed (but not dangerous!), With Decisions by gzumwalt Jan 19, 2015
Marblevator, Armed (but not dangerous!), With Curves by gzumwalt Jan 16, 2015
Marblevator, Armed (but not dangerous!) by gzumwalt Jan 13, 2015
A Merry Marblevator Christmas Tree by gzumwalt Dec 18, 2014
Rudolf Reigns 2, Motorized by gzumwalt Dec 12, 2014
Rudolf Reigns by gzumwalt Dec 5, 2014
Kris Kringle Christmas Chaos by gzumwalt Nov 26, 2014
Santa Puzzle Ornament by gzumwalt Nov 23, 2014
Swinging Snowman, PLA Spring Motor Style by gzumwalt Nov 9, 2014
Visions of Halloween Danced In Her (His) Head, Hand Cranked by gzumwalt Oct 23, 2014
Visions of Halloween Danced In Her (His) Head, Motorized by gzumwalt Oct 19, 2014