Blocks to reinforce the plastic bits on my microwave door. Seriously? by kresty 23 hrs ago
Lightsaber Launcher Experiment for Astromech Droids by kresty 2 days ago
Triage Dice! No Repro, Won't Fix, By Design, External, Duplicate, Future by kresty Mar 19, 2015
Neck block for Dalek NSD, with or without ball bearing sphere by kresty Mar 17, 2015
Illuminated Dalek NSD 10cm / 4" Hemisphere, Hollow for Disco Dalek by kresty Mar 17, 2015
Smaller 70% Lightsaber Based on ROTJ Artoo Throwing Model - 5 part by kresty Mar 15, 2015
Header Mount for 2x7 0.1" (2.54mm) Headers by kresty Feb 28, 2015
Klingon pIqaD Alphabet (Star Trek) by kresty Feb 11, 2015
Rose with Stem & Thorns & Sepals & Hip for Valentine's Day by kresty Feb 9, 2015
Arrow Through Gear Valentine's Heart With Stand! by kresty Feb 7, 2015
Individual STL and 2 Plate Total Ripoff of one of Emmett's Heart Gears placed to fit on my printer. by kresty Feb 5, 2015
Blank Die, 6 Sided Dice by kresty Feb 4, 2015