Two Part (glued) Basic Shower Hooks by kresty 2 days ago
Plain Shower Curtain S-Hooks Custom Blank by kresty 4 days ago
Plain Boring S-Hook type Shower Curtain Hooks by kresty 6 days ago
Denver Broncos Coaster & Keychain Logo by kresty Jan 31, 2016
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Simple Toy Bleachers - Scale it for your dollhouse?, about 1/24th scale as is. by kresty May 3, 2015
Blocks to reinforce the plastic bits on my microwave door. Seriously? by kresty Apr 25, 2015
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Triage Dice! No Repro, Won't Fix, By Design, External, Duplicate, Future by kresty Mar 19, 2015
Neck block for Dalek NSD, with or without ball bearing sphere by kresty Mar 17, 2015