Braided Torus - Math Art by @Dizingof

Made by Dizingof, uploaded

Braided Torus - Math Art by @Dizingof Made by Dizingof Jun 6, 2013


Braided Torus - Math Art by @Dizingof by Dizingof Jul 10, 2012


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The Toys R Us is not yet selling 3D printers, these printers were provided by 3D Systems free of charge to this in store experiment.

Toys R Us wanted to testing the ability to respond to special local events with meaningful and relevant products through 3D printing and to provide interactive in store education and experience beyond passive toys.

This image (taken by a reporter) is an enclosed glass case where a Cube printer and a few printed models are displayed, not all models are printed by Cubes, the duck and the dim-sum basket are designed by River Cheng and Richard Lam, printed on 3DS Projet x60 machines, the pink torus is designed by Asher Nahmaias (Dizingof), the napkin ring is designed by Janne Kytt

This is NOT acceptable. You as a person with talent have every right to defend you intellectual property.

Regrettably as an act of protest against a big corporation such as 3D Systems who've shown no respect (the 2nd time) to the Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial License i placed on my designs - I have deleted my store at http://Cubify.comCubify.com, un followed @3dsystemscorp & its CEO from my twitter account as well as canceled my participation as Co-Judge with the upcoming "Bits to Its" Art show (http://cubify.com/blog/bits-to-its-a-juried-3d-printing-art-show/)http://cubify.com/blog/bits-to... along with Ping Fu who has recently been named Chief Strategy Officer for 3D Systems Corporation.

(seen here on the 9th photo : http://www.3ders.org/articles/20130606-3d-printed-mini-yellow-ducks-debut-in-hong-kong.htmlhttp://www.3ders.org/articles/...

Apparently a company like 3D systems does not care about copyrights. Even worse ... I doubt that these parts have even been printed on the cubify printer shown.

I have been to a number of exhibitions where 3D printer were shown. On the question if these nice prints in the display are all printer on their printer I got quite a bit of evasive answers ... ("Well... the printer we show here is the low-end in our range and ..."). It looks like in sales and in war everything is allowed.

P.s: I tried but have not yet been able to print a copy of the braided torus on my Lepfrog Creatr printer :(

That's the reason why i want to add small cards with the Thing ID + License to Prints when i exhibit at a faire. Which is the least one can do when using CC stuff. Main reason why i add the Thing ID + License to all Models i show on our blog too.

That's what Creative Commons - Attribution - Non commercial license is all about:

Respect the designer who gave you a free design.

If a big corporation abuses this license and says: "There is no copyright issue in this case" i might as well delete all my 170+ designs !


You know.. more than i year and a half ago when i started posting my now 170+ complex designs i knew back then that they will be 3d printed in time.. as progress continues with open source hardware and software ;)

This design in particular can be 3d printed with a FDM printer with dual extruders, one using a soluble filament for the needed internal support structures.

PVA should arrive tomorrow. It will still be a nice challenge though but that's part of the fun :)

The sad thing is that i would have expected better behavior from 3D System...might be because they have no real original design to propose in their closed source environment :)

why is there a 3d printer being showcased at Toys R us?

Once again a corporation disregards the Creative Commons License (Attribution Non Commercial) and showcasing my design with no attribution..

SSW - in reply to Dizingof

They've obviously searched for some of the coolest things to demo their printer. This merchandising scheme says, "Look at the great art you can print if you buy our printer". I see commercial use written all over this. The absolute least they could do is give you credit for your artwork.