About maso27

Owner of a self-made Dremel-driven CNC mill, an Eventorbot 3D Printer, and a custom Cherry Pi III.

Just familiar enough with CamBam, Sketchup, and OpenSCAD to be dangerous.

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Printers: Eventorbot, Cherry Pi III


A snapshot of maso27's favorite designs, collections and makes

Eventorbot (version 1.2) Printable Stability Mod by maso27 Oct 25, 2013
Box for Almost Impossible Heart puzzle by maso27 Jan 6, 2014
50mm Fanduct with Adjustable Arm Mount by maso27 Mar 31, 2014
Hot End Effector Setup for Cherry Pi III with 10 mm ball bearings (Or 8 mm balls) by maso27 Oct 27, 2014
Customizable Phone Clip for VR Headset by maso27 Jan 13, 2015