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math geek and defender of the universe
also professor, mathematician, blogger, designer/maker in Brooklyn, New York

Hacktastic - Technical blog about design, math, and failure
MakerHome - One 3D print every day for a year

mathgrrl http://www.mathgrrl.com

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Designer, Teacher, Maker

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Printers: Replicator 2, Ultimaker 2, Fabrikator Mini, Afinia H-Series

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Mathematica, Thingiverse Customizer, MeshLab, Tinkercad, TopMod

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The Snowflake Machine by mathgrrl Nov 27, 2015

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Fidget Star by mathgrrl Jul 17, 2015
3D-printed Conformations of Knots through 7 Crossings by mathgrrl May 24, 2014
Kershner Polygon Thermaform Bracelet by mathgrrl Oct 30, 2015
Catalan Wireframe Polyhedra by mathgrrl Mar 28, 2014

Featured Thing!

Pentomizer - Every known tessellating convex pentagon by mathgrrl Sep 11, 2015