SuperSized Filament Holder - Designed for Larger Spools - As smooth as glass when printing by glennswest 7 mins ago
Dota 2 Aegis of Champions by Victhor 18 mins ago
Dota 2 Aegis of the Immortal by Victhor 26 mins ago
Stylized Dino by IdeaForm3d 30 mins ago
Dota 2 Divine Rapier by Victhor 32 mins ago
Dota 2 Scythe of Vyse by Victhor 36 mins ago
Custom Holder by thisonemanshow 1 hr ago
SNES Rainbow Road (with resemblance to MK8 Retro Course) by dougwinning99 1 hr ago
Holiday Ornament Remix with Failed Prints from Screwless Heart Gear by helpfultangent 1 hr ago
Dual phone charging station by fordgordie4 1 hr ago
A New Vase x9 by BenitoSanduchi 1 hr ago
Owl Bear by mz4250 1 hr ago