Makita Spindle Adapter for Shapeoko 2 Spindle by odie_wan Sep 7, 2014
50mm Conical Retro Rocket Stand by odie_wan Aug 10, 2014
50 ml Conical Stands and caps by odie_wan Aug 2, 2014
50mm Small box wood and plastic by odie_wan May 31, 2014
Small Box with Hinged Lid by odie_wan Apr 13, 2014
Vented Funnel for a Pyrex 100ml Graduated flask by odie_wan Apr 5, 2014
Flybar Clamp and pitch gauge for 550 size heli by odie_wan Mar 18, 2014
25mm three blade spinner by odie_wan Feb 12, 2014
Replicator extruder cooling fan exhaust nozzle by odie_wan Nov 11, 2013
Updated Lever for spring loaded Replicator Drive Block by odie_wan Oct 2, 2013
40mm Double Box Fan Jet Shroud two piece by odie_wan Sep 28, 2013
40mm Box Fan Housing "Normal flow" by odie_wan Sep 28, 2013