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Teaching/Work Experience:
(2007-Present) Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences, PHSC.
I teach a full range of Physical Science courses. Astronomy; Geology; Meteorology; and Introduction to Physical Science (chemistry & physics). I design all of my courses to contain integrated web-based data which requires students to interact with online material as a requisite to course completion.
(2009-2012) Website Designer, USF Health Neurology Centers of Excellence.
Built and managed the website for Huntington’s Disease in USF’s Health Centers of Excellence. My work was funded by a research grant from the HDSA.
(2005-2006) Research scientist, Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute of Atomic Laser Physics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Received an internal internship for one year to work with the Quantum Gases-Atom Optics Group on their cold fusion research program.
(2000-2006)Computer Engineer, Magnetic Card Internet b.v., The Hague, Netherlands.
Owned a small computer business in Europe. Designed and built pay-for-use Internet Kiosks using magnetic-card-reader technology in several countries.
(1985-2000) Research Scientist, Electron Microscopy Imaging Laboratory, West Chester University of Pennsylvania.
Director of laboratory research. Taught electron imaging physics. Instructed graduate, and undergraduate, students in the theory and operation of both scanning and transmission electron microscopes. Also responsible for developing research protocols: as well as instruction in x-ray diffraction and electron microprobe instruments for elemental analysis. The laboratory was an entirely independent entity funded solely by NSF grants, private research companies, and donations.
(1995-1999) Adjunct Instructor of Astronomy & Geology, West Chester University of Pennsylvania.
Responsible for operation of the planetarium; the observatory; and teaching the laboratory hands-on rock sessions.

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