The 3D Printed Marble Machine by Maher Soft by Mahersoft Nov 21, 2016
Dymaxion Map (Fuller Projection) in 3D by Gav Nov 5, 2016
Maker Faire Robot Swag (Spinning Top and Fob) by scorch Aug 14, 2016
Dial Indicator Backplate by PayasoXIII Jul 29, 2016
Solar Wobbler Modification by scorch Jul 1, 2016
Han Solo Blaster by Smirf123 Apr 19, 2016
Z Extensions for Wanhao Duplicator i3, Cocoon Create, and Maker Select by AzzA Mar 26, 2016
Poe Dameron's Blaster from Star Wars the Force Awakens by AprilStorm Nov 6, 2015
Wanhao Dup i3 pen holder by makibox850 Nov 2, 2015
Mini CNC Plotter - Penholder by rincey12 Oct 12, 2015
Trumpet Adaptive Device by cmdriver Aug 14, 2015
ANGLE BRACKETS for CARDBOARD by Makedo Aug 5, 2015