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A Sturdier and Still Cheap Filament Turntable by bobson_h Jul 12, 2011
Kal Vepuri by Friends Jul 12, 2011
Chinese Chess set - Xiangqi by custom3dstuff Jul 13, 2011
Iris Box v2.2 by Zh4x0r Jul 15, 2011
Senza table from Google Sketchup Warehouse by Thaed Jul 14, 2011
Lidknop mark X by Joakim Jul 15, 2011
Mendel Carriage for MK5 or MK6 Hotend and LM8UU Bearings by threedeelabs Jul 16, 2011
The hobbing gristle by Lanthan Jul 16, 2011
Parametric PCB Box with Parametric Mounting Tabs by Jamesdavid Jul 16, 2011
Fringe Decoder Ring by terryr Jul 16, 2011
Steampunk Single Digit Nixie Clock II
Rotary Sprinkler Repair by Bluemetal Jul 17, 2011

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Diffusion Eq. with Heavside Function Initial Conditions by colah Jul 17, 2011