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Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter by Hitsman Jul 2, 2014
Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock) by loubie Oct 29, 2014

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Life-Sized Sword of Omens by cyclone Jul 27, 2011

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Baby Sword Rattle by Targ Mar 26, 2016
Mini filament spool and earring carousel stand by CreativeTools Sep 30, 2015
Tree rings holder by MorenaP May 17, 2012
Ring creation script by M_G Oct 12, 2011
the "Bling Rings" by LeFabShop Aug 25, 2014
Rata Volara (Bat Ring) by castomized Nov 12, 2014
Faceted Vase by Rachella001 Apr 9, 2011

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Assassins Creed belt buckles by Blippy Feb 12, 2015
Nervos (Wireframe Bracelet) by castomized Nov 28, 2014