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Lego sword by Printermagic 2 days ago
Duplo to BRIO bridge connection (shorter print) by Tomasw 2 days ago
8-tooth Badbrick gear by Corona688 Apr 11, 2014
Upgradable robot shell prototype by NenZilla Apr 9, 2014
LEGO compatibility test block to find best printable dimensions by UltiArjan Apr 9, 2014
Cape for Giant Lego Darth Vader by The3dPrintHouse Apr 9, 2014
The Bogman by QuadOfThunder Apr 5, 2014
Mega Bloks/Lego Minifigure Stands by RSIndustries Apr 1, 2014
Lego Toy Figurine by justburt97 Mar 31, 2014
Pololu hub to Lego Axle Connector by dennisma Mar 30, 2014
Lego monster truck chassis by nickwomeldorff Mar 13, 2014
Lego Ship Wall Angle Holder by drknow21 Mar 4, 2014