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3D PRINTED DSLR Slider by focamonca 2 hrs ago
DIY Paste Extruder (work in progress) by iamjorgensen 9 hrs ago
xHead adjustable resolution extruder by Qwerty007 2 days ago
Jaguar Logo by AndresCuccaro 4 days ago
Wall Mounted Device Holder With Hook by BobStraitFTW 4 days ago
Fancy Dick Butt With Mesh Mixer Support by BobStraitFTW 4 days ago
Jar for 63mm cap, 250ml by 3DFarmeu 5 days ago
Ultimaker 2 Bowden Tube Tightener & Clamp by 3DPrintman 5 days ago
Ball Bearing Universal Spool Holder for Up Mini! by tdanro 6 days ago
Small Model Rocket by Bracyst 6 days ago
Rep Rap Smart Controller Maker Farm Add On by 3Design-Prototype Apr 20, 2015
Customizable filament/wire spool or wheel creator by Motley74 Apr 19, 2015