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PrintrBot Simple Metal LED ring. by Trussroads 19 hrs ago
dragon with pearl by einscan 1 day ago
eagle by einscan 1 day ago
Miner by einscan 1 day ago
modular printhead for Ultimaker2 - v2.2 by UltiArjan 2 days ago
Foldie 3D Qubic by 3DPVDB 2 days ago
house view by nagato 2 days ago
Crystal Cell Coathook by UWM_DCRL 4 days ago
B-ROBOT 3D parts (a remotely controlled OPEN SOURCE self balancing robot) by jjrobots 4 days ago
Printrbot Makers Kit Filament Guide (Model 1405) by ALEXTHEPILOT2015 4 days ago
Old World Trade Center Site (WTC) by Sacchetta Feb 22, 2015
Maker Racer MK4 by gotimeus Feb 22, 2015