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Yoda the thinker by WWWdotPDXDDDdotCOM 24 mins ago
Experimental Quadcopter by NickGoumas 3 hrs ago
3D printing by RC381_04 5 hrs ago
3D Printer Switch box (4 sitches) by SpyDrCZ 10 hrs ago
Lamp Kumiko Shoji style by TanyaAkinora 14 hrs ago
Torture Test by Anime_Is_My_Life 1 day ago
Zee Matrioska 3D Design Doll Remix by 3DIYOriginal 1 day ago
Zortrax M200 ducted fan by liftbag 2 days ago
3d Printing Storage Box by JelloSquid 2 days ago
Fire-Stop Smoke Alarm for 3D Printers by digimatic 2 days ago
RAMPS 1.4 and Arduino Mega 2560 Mount for 25mm 8020 Extruded Aluminum by mcfada 3 days ago
An official and his wife by nerotbf 3 days ago