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3DPBB_v4 (3D Printed Balance Bike) 16'inch Prototype_v4 by vannskang 2 hrs ago
Aphrodite by nerotbf 5 hrs ago
3DPBB_v3 (3D Printed Balance Bike) 16'inch Prototype_v3 by vannskang 18 hrs ago
3DPBB_v1 (3D Printed Balance Bike) 16'inch Prototype_v1 by vannskang 18 hrs ago
3DPBB Front Bushing Set Design (Milling Needed) by vannskang 20 hrs ago
Bust of Caligula by nerotbf 1 day ago
RC car spoiler by dan241297 1 day ago
full printhead by bouverat3dprint 2 days ago
3DPBB Real Bushing Design (Milling Needed) by vannskang 2 days ago
Printed Brushless Motor 4 poles by SgaboLab 2 days ago
Centaur by nerotbf 2 days ago
Print bed - Plate holder by ishai 4 days ago