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Centicube by TobiasBrage 4 days ago
LEGO Brick by TobiasBrage 4 days ago
Chain by FullGarbage 5 days ago
3-D Spiral by vrinda_desai 5 days ago
Halo 4 Energy Sword 'Full' Scale by notthisguy Jan 22, 2015
Printrbot Simple Spool Holder by JonnayLin Jan 22, 2015
Little Toy- Car by omri8798 Jan 15, 2015
ORGANIC FORM by SteeleDavidEvans Jan 4, 2015
Bit Box- Raspberry Pi Case by cdog21 Dec 30, 2014
A Pile of Coins (Japanese Yen) by gak Dec 28, 2014
FlashForge Creator Dual Extruder Shim for Glass bed add on. by rickmc3280 Dec 24, 2014
3D Print Finishing Stand by Makuna Dec 21, 2014