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Small Power Supply Enclosure by Slimbots 3 hrs ago
ChRoMe 3D Printer by ChRoMe_ 5 hrs ago
Replacement Y-Axis Bracket for SD4 by Pepcowboy 10 hrs ago
PrintrBot Simple Metal LED ring. by Trussroads 18 hrs ago
Shaft Coupler for Filament Extruder by 1990ankitjain 23 hrs ago
Foldie 3D Qubic by 3DPVDB 1 day ago
Prusa i3 Hubout by HubOut_MakersLab 4 hrs ago
8mm Brackets – DIN and Umbilical cord by NinjaNeil 2 days ago
Solidoodle SD4 Filament Guide by Pepcowboy 2 days ago
Arduino Mega Clip Mount Base by vinito 3 days ago
Air Hockey Robot (an OPEN SOURCE 3D printer hack) by jjrobots 4 days ago
case-rap spool holder by jlguil 4 days ago