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Leadscrew Nut trap for 20x20 CNC by dude9001 4 hrs ago
3D Print of The Week! The Shelf by Endlesstankzone 10 hrs ago
Bltouch Protective Cover by 3dcauldron 13 hrs ago
tête de l'extrudeur DiscoEasy-200 vent. 50 by sebballl 15 hrs ago
Coin Holder (Euro) by paulpils 1 day ago
Folger Tech ft-5 dual e3d & NPN mount by rpoltera 1 day ago
Monoprice Select Mini Knob/Dial by AMLA 1 day ago
Filament spool holder Ø49mm / Weistek IDEAWERK WT150 3d printer by r34gtr 2 days ago
A Leaf Logo by Nexnet_ 2 days ago
3D Printer Torture Test by LetsPrintIt 2 days ago
Anet A8 printer bed lighting by greloro 2 days ago
Side Desk Headphone Mount by Nexnet_ 3 days ago