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Tinyboy (Ventilation windows) by wkkpatrick 2 hrs ago
Flashforge Creator Pro X Spool Holder by eddieparker 3 hrs ago
Flush Side Panels for Replicator 2 / 2X 3D Printers by DrazzticAction 7 hrs ago
Door Latchfor Makerbot Replicator 2 / 2X, Flashe Forge Creator Metal, etc style printer by DrazzticAction 19 hrs ago
3D Printer LED Lamp (IKEA JANSJÖ) by billgertz 21 hrs ago
NEMA23 horizontal filament spool support by magonegro 22 hrs ago
Project Laputa by linyw007 2 days ago
Filament spool holder with bearings. by Ferdi1988 2 days ago
Improved Parametric Extrusion End Cap by billgertz 2 days ago
Acrylic Doors for Flashfoge Creator X (or similar Replicator2 Clones) by DrazzticAction 2 days ago
Universal Spool Driver by NGR923 3 days ago
Robot Spool Holder by Devman 3 days ago