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Filament Extruder Detector Interlock for the Lulzbot Mini by gammy May 3, 2016
filastruder extra 60mm Fan mount with and with out filament guide. by stefi01 Mar 29, 2016
Not So Itty Bitty Belted Extruder by buffcleb Mar 27, 2016
Proto-Plastik Filament Direct Drive by proto-plastik Feb 21, 2016
Delta Hover Extruder -No Ooze by titoBLN Feb 16, 2016
wiper motor mount by om2804 Feb 9, 2016
M6 Push Fit Filament Connector by Brettarm Feb 1, 2016
8mm Shaft for 1.75mm Fliament Extruder Gear by Brettarm Jan 22, 2016
This is an alternative Idler design for the Filament extruder puller by wingmaster by glassy Jan 19, 2016
The Toranado Precision Geared 1.75mm Extruder - v1.1 by Toranado3D Jan 5, 2016
An Improved Flexible Filliment Extruder by piercet Dec 15, 2015
Full metal Wade extruder by Relabsr Dec 9, 2015