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Left side mounted Bowden tube feeder with filament release mechanism by Thump2010 3 days ago
MO.RE.SYS. 3D (YALFE 3) by Cos Aug 1, 2015
x2 Spool with Built in Bowden motor mount by danman1178 Jul 20, 2015
Filament Cooling Station - FCS by Rusty42 Jul 6, 2015
Legs for filamake filament extruder by 3d-tech by tonylgn Jun 15, 2015
Prusa i3 Parts by eric_es Jun 7, 2015
Autorobotics VAR-X-trude by autorobotics Jun 3, 2015
Filament feed drive guide for Wanhao Duplicator 4S by tobyvanreenen Jun 3, 2015
Wanhao Duplicator 4/4x/4s flexible filament drive block by aletinel May 27, 2015
Trash Can Clips - Save & Recycle your plastics! by LokusArts May 13, 2015
K8200 Another Extruder Fan Housing by spajk May 3, 2015
DD Direct Drive 3D printer extruder 3mm filament by SteveZalsky Apr 2, 2015