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Huxley Techzone LM6UU x carriage (narrow) by crazytiti Dec 29, 2015
Huxley RepRap Electronics Enclosure by SlimShader Nov 21, 2015
RepRapPro extruder drive. NEMA14. by mbasov Oct 20, 2015
Filament drive bracket (Customizer) by mbasov Oct 20, 2015
External sight for NERF N-STRIKE Blaster (TACTICAL RAIL compatible) by MarcoAlici Aug 20, 2015
Fan adaptor for RepRap Huxley to house BD5015 radial fan by Hichi Jul 15, 2015
RepRapPro Huxley Duo fan mount with nuts and bolts by mbasov Jun 3, 2015
Huxley Ubis Hot End Adaptor by SlimShader May 2, 2015
Huxley Solidified Bed Mounts by ranyardm Apr 9, 2015
Adjustable Huxley Feet by FinmekTEC Mar 20, 2015
Simple Enclosure / Casing Corners by RossHaddow Mar 6, 2015
Generic Piece by almaro Feb 21, 2015