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round bricks compatible with comercial lego duplo system by Zemciko 5 days ago
Morphi snap cube inspired by @Mathgrrl Laura Taalman's poly-snaps by Morphiapp Aug 21, 2015
Parametric Lego Mindstorms GT2/GT3 Timing Belts and Pulleys by projunk Aug 20, 2015
Lego-compatible spool holder by campbrian Aug 20, 2015
Parametric Lego Technic Brick (holes on all sides) by projunk Aug 18, 2015
Tunisian chechia for giant legoman by Darrenwood33 Aug 18, 2015
GoPro Lego Block Mount by dSASQUATCH707 Aug 17, 2015
Parametric Lego Technic Brick by projunk Aug 17, 2015
My First Custom Lego Block by adamwinik20 Aug 17, 2015
pig themed derby car by pwkalahar Aug 16, 2015
CABLE CAR CABIN by lio_ Aug 15, 2015
lego hands mark 2 and 3. by Cyberstar254 Aug 9, 2015