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Lego fire piece by adibadro 3 days ago
Lego to LittleBits mount / adaptor by VengTheVader 3 days ago
Custom bionicle sword by JIBerNaut 4 days ago
Lego Block by jonadavis 5 days ago
AR15 Lego rail mount by wittewewic 5 days ago
Clear Lego Block (4*2) Necklace/Keychain by Woolpit 6 days ago
Iphone 5 Lego Case (with apple logo) by abilio18 Aug 18, 2014
Custom sword by JIBerNaut Aug 12, 2014
Lego DUPLO arrow (toy part) by rebizov Aug 7, 2014
Custom LEGO for bwarez by marikokur Aug 4, 2014
LEGO compatible hand crank by jbeale Aug 4, 2014
Lego Pen Cup by marikokur Aug 4, 2014