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Wood Crate with Sliding Lid by kevin1ab Oct 12, 2014
Not Me by techknight Aug 26, 2013
EPIC Timelapse Video of Wood Filament Printed Yoda w/Gcode by Fused3D Feb 21, 2013
Roll Top Box Printed with Wood and Stained by Fused3D by Fused3D Feb 18, 2013
Level Flat Plate Competition - .2mm 260mm x 140mm x .2mm by Fused3D Feb 13, 2013
Thin Wood Veneer - Interactive Build Plate Levelling - Print Aid by Fused3D Feb 12, 2013
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) by Makerbot Printed with Wood Filament by Fused3D Feb 11, 2013
Sweetheart's Box by kevinpope Feb 8, 2013
laywoo-D3 spoolholder by Scubamatt41 Jan 23, 2013
Spool for Laywoo-D3 3mm and 1.75mm by 3Dprintergear Dec 29, 2012
Laywoo-D3 test by lampmaker Oct 11, 2012
Print wood now - with tree rings! LAYWOO-D3 mm filament by Kaipa Sep 16, 2012