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Laser Cut Case CinemaPi by arincrumley 3 hrs ago
raspberry pi 3.5" hdd tray mount by yopzolo Oct 15, 2014
37mm Lens Mount for Raspberry Pi Camera by spoon2099 Sep 26, 2014
WIP Raspberry Pi enclosure by morphygee Sep 19, 2014
Case for Raspberry Pi with PiGlow by xmbrst Sep 14, 2014
Yet another Raspberry Pi model B case by ChuckL Sep 10, 2014
Bright Pi - Bright White and IR Camera Light for Raspberry Pi by PiSupply Sep 8, 2014
Raspberry Pi Music Player housing with LCD by Stargrove1 Sep 7, 2014
A More Secure Raspberry Pi Case by TheMakersWorkbench Sep 3, 2014
AstroPrint Raspberry Pi Cover by Walk3rt Aug 18, 2014
Raspberry Pi Devel Box by IRo Aug 14, 2014
Raspberry Pi B+ case by cylgom Aug 4, 2014