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WIP Raspberry Pi enclosure by morphygee 4 days ago
Case for Raspberry Pi with PiGlow by xmbrst Sep 14, 2014
Yet another Raspberry Pi model B case by ChuckL Sep 10, 2014
Bright Pi - Bright White and IR Camera Light for Raspberry Pi by PiSupply Sep 8, 2014
Raspberry Pi Music Player housing with LCD by Stargrove1 Sep 7, 2014
A More Secure Raspberry Pi Case by TheMakersWorkbench Sep 3, 2014
AstroPrint Raspberry Pi Cover by Walk3rt Aug 18, 2014
Raspberry Pi Devel Box by IRo Aug 14, 2014
Raspberry Pi B+ case by cylgom Aug 4, 2014
Raspberry Pi case for model B+ by creckx Jul 27, 2014
RaspberryPi case for 360° pan 180° tilt head for webcam and small DSLR by jasonatepaint Jul 22, 2014
[RaspRail] Fan Duct by MaximSachs Jul 18, 2014