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Stratux ADS-B, Single-band, no AHRS/GPS by PBaldwin 8 hrs ago
3 Part Vertical Pi Enclosure by DesignSpark 2 days ago
Raspberry Pi LCD2USB and off switch case by CheScott 3 days ago
Raspberry Pi 2 case (vented with external screws) by loidolt 5 days ago
Speaky: The DIY Airplay Speaker by TheNewHobbyist 3 days ago
10" Raspberry Pi Desktop by adafruit 5 days ago
HiFiBerry Digi + Raspberry Pi2 case by UltiArjan Aug 21, 2015
Wall support for Raspberry Pi Sleeve Case by invinegarlabs Aug 21, 2015
Raspberry pi PC case and blade center by scratchhax Aug 21, 2015
Raspberry Pi B Case by BlendPro Aug 20, 2015
Hinged Raspberry Pi Case with LiIon Battery pack and power/charge circuit by wandrson Aug 19, 2015
Raspberry Pi 1 Model B case by matt448 Aug 19, 2015