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terraPin ACME 6X6 Pinhole Camera - 120 film by schlem 9 hrs ago
Camera Mount Hitec AEE Action Camera MD10 by MacGyverDad 12 hrs ago
Plastic Door latch by Timsk 1 day ago
The Serpent Slayer and 3D Printing by joshuabmax 2 days ago
Key Topper by DrPeper 2 days ago
Filament Recycle Bin by ninjararstudio Aug 20, 2016
TriPhone, the iPhone Tripod Mount by gabesw Aug 20, 2016
CHIP, The 9 Dollar Computer by SPGilmore Aug 15, 2016
Pencil Tripod LED Lamp by shubh5 Aug 14, 2016
Real World Measurements and Tolerances by Dimorgoniv Aug 2, 2016
Retro Robot with Electronics by Dimorgoniv Aug 2, 2016
Basic Arduino Rover using NXTMindstorms Motors by Dimorgoniv Aug 2, 2016