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IronMan arc reactor to wear under t-shirt by Alessandruino Feb 11, 2014
Wearable Arc reactor for Electroluminescent Tshirt by LeHof Nov 28, 2013
Ironman arc reactor top plate by that_engineer_guy Oct 21, 2013
Superhero Power Plant by adafruit Oct 2, 2013
Arc Reactor Overlay for EL Panel by petropixel Mar 18, 2013
Arc Reactor Cap by drandolph Jan 13, 2013
Wearable Arc Reactor by MishaT Oct 21, 2012
Iron Man Arc Reactor by nolan879 Aug 20, 2012
Iron Man Arc Reactor by msraynsford May 8, 2012
Iron Man Mark VI arc reactor by sonicspeed17 Jan 30, 2012
Tony Stark's Arc Reactor by Skimbal Feb 15, 2012

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Iron Man Arc Reactor by NBitWonder Oct 27, 2011

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