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Wii Nunchuck breakout connector by unic8 3 hrs ago
Parking assistant by iPa64 7 hrs ago
Breadboard Clip (v03) for use with Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc. by RickHenderson 2 days ago
Roboticarm V1 - Construction Info by Juergenlessner 3 days ago
Shake It by Arkadi 10 hrs ago
Arduino Mega 2560 Slide Mount by frankjoshua 5 days ago
Arduino Uno case by iPa64 5 days ago
Hackers Kit for the fablab_ruc_dk_DIY-digitizer by Takeaway3DTech 6 days ago
Baofeng UV5R / BFF8 Arduino Nano Backpack by timogiles May 24, 2015
Roboticarm fully 3D printable by Juergenlessner May 22, 2015
CubixLED - an LED matrix frame project by wkarraker May 21, 2015
Split Flap Display - Weather in one Hour by LUFTENSHELTE May 21, 2015