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Geometry Connectors - Icosahedron, Tetrahedron, Cube by fozzy13 17 hrs ago
Balerina-Sculpt by tteeddd 18 hrs ago
Parametric Geometric Flower by calebhsu 2 days ago
Random Vase_2 by tteeddd 2 days ago
Tetrahedron by Konstruktor 4 days ago
Beauty of a StormTrooper II | the Glory of a new End... by BonGarcon 4 days ago
Picking Einstein's Brain by Breezor 5 days ago
Lion statue by tibuck 5 days ago
Swirly 2D Art by abrokadabra 6 days ago
Snowflake 8 sides by Trigubovich 6 days ago
Marilyn Monroe Lithophane by glukebluk 6 days ago
Rolling Circles Ornament by MarcoAlici Nov 21, 2015