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To Pen, dump etc. (Rovison Art& Design) by LeviathaNk 40 mins ago
DeskSHELL - The appealing little box for audio enthusiasm by M600 2 days ago
Mason Jar Divider by thaabomb 3 days ago
Capsule by NickNAK 4 days ago
Box for hex bits and stubby screwdriver by Mape 6 days ago
Collapsible Crate by Yuan4114 6 days ago
Customizable rounded box by zapta 6 days ago
The Suprint "Newpork Carton" 3-piece container by suprint 6 days ago
Tresure Chest Dice Case by dutchmogul Nov 16, 2014

Challenge Winner

Trashkey gemeente Utrecht by marcelbleeker Nov 16, 2014
Cap for Simmenthal (Metal Container) by andysus Nov 15, 2014
Drink Can Lid by Munchie12 Nov 15, 2014