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Customizable PolyBowl - with OpenSCAD video walkthrough by mathgrrl 10 hrs ago
E3D fan adapter customizer by vtoryh 13 hrs ago
Customizable Mic Stand Cord Clip by daozenciaoyen 1 day ago
Reuleaux Polygon by pseudoeuclidean 1 day ago
Customizable Flexible Coupling by Neon22 1 day ago
Parametric Customizable Coffee Stencil by m0nochr0me 1 day ago
Mostly Printed CNC Parametric Tool Holder Adapter by GeoDave 1 day ago
Corner Strop Retainer / Tensioner by biomushroom 2 days ago
Customizable Earring Stand by stylesuxx 2 days ago
Simple Spacer by pseudoeuclidean 2 days ago
Simple Washer - Volume Printer by SpoonUnit 3 days ago
Crank arm cadence magnet (parametric) by cnt 3 days ago