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Customizable cylindrical object dispenser by tkbletsc 14 hrs ago
USB cable plate for TJ by euggersh 16 hrs ago
Cardbox - A customizable box holder for cards or tiles by Nicofr57 1 day ago
Customizable omni wheel prototype by tkbletsc 1 day ago
Parametric Net Pot / Net Cup for Hydroponics / Aeroponics / Fogponics by leemes 3 days ago
Générateur de potiquets by RElab_FabLab_Liege 3 days ago
customizable hole reducer by lmx 3 days ago
Bottle lift with magnet on frige, with customizer ! by gaziel 4 days ago
Générateur de bagues et bracelets / Rings & Bracelets Generator by RElab_FabLab_Liege 4 days ago
Star Vase Customizable by cn145912 5 days ago
Plant Label Stake by CookMedic 5 days ago
Customizable D6 Holder by cdcrockett 6 days ago