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Cable guides by tonymtsai 9 hrs ago
Bash Guard Chainring by tonymtsai 9 hrs ago
Customizable GoPro Tube clamp with standard or buckle mounts by knick 17 hrs ago
Customizable Reuleaux polygon construction keyring by brianbutterfield 18 hrs ago
Polyhedral Corner Joint II: Test for Customizer by Vitroid 1 day ago
Parametric Nut Trap for Mostly Printed CNC by GeoDave 2 days ago
Printable Drag Chain (Cable chain) by pknoe3lh 4 days ago
Customizable cable tie with label by gordonendersby 4 days ago
The Illumination of Pi by marciot 5 days ago
ATLAS model by Henque19 4 days ago
Twisted key fob (Infinity remix) by daozenciaoyen 6 days ago
Hexagonal Floating Platform with Pylons by TuxSoft 2 days ago