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dual extruder mount for delta rostok my platform,on x axis by waiman Oct 28, 2014
delta rostok pltforma.for Matching double extruder on axis x by waiman Oct 28, 2014
Concept: Interchangable tools for delta robot (Rostock, kossel, etc) by TheHeadlessSourceMan Aug 13, 2014
QU-BD MBE extruder modifications for Rostock Delta Printer by harmane Aug 13, 2014
ZeGo Robotics - Camera Mount by andyleer Jul 1, 2014
Mendock--A Mendel Style Delta Bot by jpan Jun 5, 2014
Delta'Q 3D Printer by everlong Jun 3, 2014
Hexagonic RUMBA/ RAMPS housing by 4ndreas May 21, 2014
New idea very simple to mount delta delta Kossel and Rostock aluminum! ... :-) (supporting parts in the engine and Abs) by RicardoRocchi May 6, 2014
Ceramic delta 3D printer by JKeep Sep 6, 2013
Rostrong (A Rostock derivative) by ngarst Jul 19, 2013
Biceps to Delta Robot by ahd71 Jan 26, 2013