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DIY all aluminum 3D Printer by lavith 9 hrs ago
Open source Gimbal for Glimo Stabilizer. by Glimovideos 1 day ago
Under $10 Filament Shelf by supinemonkey 3 days ago
Water Activated Flashlight Tube by Lasersaber 4 days ago
DIY Mini Quadcopter Honeycomb Edition by dennisbaldwin 5 days ago
Support of Arduino Duemilanove by Electromecanico Sep 12, 2014
Axial ball bearing (180mm) by Umake Sep 10, 2014
Universal Onmiwheel for mobile robot by jonahl Sep 8, 2014
Swing bucket Dremel centrifuge (Dremelfuge) by MadMaker70 Sep 7, 2014
Filament Width Sensor Prototype Version 3 by flipper Sep 7, 2014
Eskimo Lamp - the 3D printed DeskLamp by Shruikan Sep 3, 2014
Adafruit Fona CAD Model by adafruit Sep 3, 2014