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Better Draw-bot Gondola by NikoTheCreator 5 days ago
Keystone Stepper Motor Mount - RJ11 / Ethernet by jtenkely Jun 21, 2015
Integrated Suction Cup Glass Mount Bracket for Polargraph Stepper Motor by jtenkely Jun 16, 2015
Lever to Modify Harbor Freight Quick-Release Suction Cup by jtenkely Jun 13, 2015
Ballchain Gear for parallax servo by Linkreincarnate Jun 7, 2015
POLAR DRAWBOT by daGHIZmo May 1, 2015
Make TRS Drawbot Rail and Arm for 9g Micro Servo Tower Pro by JulHa Feb 24, 2015
GOCUPI Paint Gondola by jwilcott Feb 16, 2015
Tweaked Polargraph Gondola by motionmind Feb 9, 2015
Tipi, printable Polargraph version ! by cirion Feb 1, 2015
Chalk Painting Mechanism by gianakop Jan 24, 2015
Vertical Plotter Gondola v4 (aka Polargraph) by rincey12 Sep 26, 2014