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i4 Logo by franci 3 hrs ago
Solidoodle Workbench Cyclops bowden setup and autobed removal by muldal 2 days ago
Bartods Dual Extruder by Bartods 6 days ago
Dual J Head Extruder WITH Capacitive sensor/ 1/8 Fitting by JYount May 22, 2015
Mini Kossel Dual Extruder by Fillitup309 May 21, 2015
Dual extrusion calibration tests by UltiArjan May 17, 2015
X-carriage Prusa i3 Dual by Baru May 15, 2015
Makerfaire Robot dual model by ImmersedN3D May 9, 2015
Krydderurteskilte by LarNil May 7, 2015
Small Electronics Case by design3r May 7, 2015
Dual Extrusion Cup by ImmersedN3D May 5, 2015
Dual Color Vase by ImmersedN3D May 2, 2015