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Cude 2x2x2 for dual extruder by krikz 8 hrs ago
Dual Direct Drive E3D v.6 for 3mm and 1.75mm by gabemedina23 1 day ago
Sharkie Dual Extrusion by TheNewHobbyist Feb 17, 2015
E3D Dual/Single direct drive extruder conversion for Felix Printer by undergroundsurf Feb 12, 2015
DayZ Logo Dual by Nonodu38 Feb 9, 2015
Vine Tape Dispenser by WeeksB Feb 8, 2015
Rosa by WeeksB Feb 6, 2015
Printer Name Plates by botbreaker Feb 5, 2015
Action Log Dualstrusion by TheNewHobbyist Feb 5, 2015
Makerfarm i3v 12" X Tilt Plate - for Dual Extruder Calibration by adamfilip Feb 3, 2015
Gothic Window Decoration by WeeksB Feb 1, 2015
MM2 Mount plate for JD Duallie Belt Driven Extruder by JRD Feb 1, 2015