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SteExtruder - Mounted parametric bowden extruder by goth2k 22 hrs ago
60ml Syringe Extruder for Liquid Deposition Modeling - LDM by piuLAB 2 days ago
BPS Extruder top mount with built in fan duct by billsprototypestudio 5 days ago
Ormerod 75mm Diameter Extruder Drive Block - 3.2mm feed by thowe Sep 25, 2014
The long-distance Extruder by hohohz Sep 24, 2014
Replicator, Duplicator and Flashforge laser mount for http://jtechphotonics.com/ laser by ramchip Sep 22, 2014
Electronics Cover for Printrbot Simple Extruder Fan by OgreMills Sep 21, 2014
Prusa i3 X Mount for Wade Style Extruder by Shapescribe Sep 20, 2014
Large Volume Paste Extruder by AtomKemp Sep 19, 2014
Ordbot Hadron dual extruder mount by netbear Sep 16, 2014
Prusa i3 X Sled Adapter by QwykSylver Sep 15, 2014
40mm fan for prusa I2 & Greg's Wade extruder by miruniec Sep 14, 2014