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Large Volume Paste Extruder by AtomKemp 1 day ago
Ordbot Hadron dual extruder mount by netbear 4 days ago
Prusa i3 X Sled Adapter by QwykSylver 5 days ago
40mm fan for prusa I2 & Greg's Wade extruder by miruniec 6 days ago
Customizable Stepper/Extruder Knob by anoved Sep 12, 2014
Compact extruder for Prusa i3 and 42YF22GN050R (2engineers) geared motor with shaft support by denisc Sep 12, 2014
Prusa i3 X Carriage Adapter for Bulldog XL Extruder by Cyrrus Sep 10, 2014
Printrbot Simple Dual Extruder by iamjonlawrence Sep 9, 2014
Prusa I3 Rework BODY-EXTRUDEUR-WADE-1.75mm-with-support with Solidworks 2014 Source. by DarkAlchemist Sep 9, 2014
UP! extruder modification 4, Recreus Hot end by DrewPetitclerc Sep 9, 2014
Direct Drive Bowden Extruder; MK8 version by cfeniak Sep 9, 2014
Greg's Wade Accessible Belt Drive Extruder, Rev2 by pefozzy Sep 8, 2014