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Dual Fan ring blower by Fillitup309 1 day ago
Stepper Shaft Key by AndrewBCN 1 day ago
v2 Infill 3D Bowden 75 Geared Extruder by Infill3D 2 days ago
Itty Bitty Double Extruder (with mount for MakerFarm Prusa i3v) by clough42 2 days ago
Prusa I3 Rework, or Wilson, Direct drive extruder with Solidworks 2014 source by DarkAlchemist 4 days ago
Bowden mount, optical autolevel and direct drive extruder for the Wilson TS or similar I3 based printer by dexus 5 days ago
Filament tensioner knob by Thirkell 5 days ago
Aric's Dual Bowden Complete by bgcheese 5 days ago
E3D v6 40mm Fan Duct and Extruder for NEMA-17 Motor by Neo_Usagi 6 days ago
Infill 3D Bowden Direct Drive Extruder v2 by Infill3D 6 days ago
Flashforge X Carriage for Single Extruder by Protonics Nov 22, 2014
UltiStruder 1.75mm for Ultimaker by scottmayson Nov 22, 2014