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Reinforced Carriage, Taller Extruder mount and Left side fan duct for using E3DV6 with a lulzbot Taz Printer by piercet 2 days ago
New cooling for fan 40x40x10 LAma 3D by Kolo33 3 days ago
BiggoBot by stefan787 3 days ago
MK9 Auto bed leveling Prusa I3 p3Steel by caleidos 3 days ago
Qidi Tech Acrylic Printer Cover Extruder Wire Protector / Acrylic Straightener by cncartist 3 days ago
Shyloh's extruder to Lama 3D by Kolo33 by Kolo33 4 days ago
Direct extruder by Kolo33 to Lama 3D by Kolo33 4 days ago
E3D Titan / Zonestar P802M mount by nakwada 5 days ago
Compact Bowden Extruder (Geared Motor Version) for 1.75 filament by Tincho85 6 days ago
Ulticampy Geared Support (Based on Alex extruder) by konfrontdesign Apr 29, 2016
BDM - Long J-Head Prusa I2 Bowden X-Carriage by MayhemOfHell Apr 27, 2016
Extruder Holder Clamp Hook for CTC, Flashforge and similar by zumili Apr 27, 2016