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Flying Ace Spinner for MPSM by itsonlym3 14 hrs ago
Minimalistic Mk7-MK8 replacement by dasaki 2 days ago
Extruder cooling fan 40 x 40 mm mount by squir002 3 days ago
Would You Believe Another Extruder by biocode 3 days ago
Cooling Tunnel for X Carriage for E3D V5 Extruder with LED strip by gapimankr 4 days ago
Micromake D1 - First Aid Kit by Medelis 4 days ago
Extruder motor holder by NickRimmer Sep 18, 2016
Bowden Extruder with modular filament path by bradjshannon Sep 17, 2016
Prometheus for Toranado by Prot0typ1cal Sep 16, 2016
Extruder for Chinese hotend (clone e3d) by cyryllo Sep 14, 2016
3Drag Extruder Flex Filament mod by SgaboLab Sep 12, 2016
Bowden extruder v2 by CherHubert Sep 8, 2016