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Hot End/Extruder Bracket by lwilder 9 hrs ago
Gregs Wade Screwless Idler Assy by donhuevo 2 days ago
Fan extension for "Printrbot Simple, 300mm Y Axis-No Sag!" by 3DMakeMe 2 days ago
Clay's direct drive extruder: 3-Piece, Latching, Easy Print (Printrbot Jr. V2) by omniverse 3 days ago
Printerbot Jr. V2 DUAL Bowden adapter plate V1.0 (EXPERIMENTAL) by omniverse 5 days ago
Ultimaker extruder gear upgrade, retraction friendly by Umake Apr 13, 2014
Kis Bowden Extruder by egon Apr 13, 2014
MendelMax 2.0 Fan Mount for E3D by Ubermeisters Apr 12, 2014
Greg's Wade extruder for Graber i3 by valterfc Apr 12, 2014
QU-BD One/Two-Up Extruder (With lever and adjustable tension) by DDeGonge888 Apr 12, 2014
Active Cooling Fan Duct for Replicator 1 / Duplicator 4 / FlashForge by thruit00 Apr 11, 2014
Bowden Extruder for Robot Digg by ceri Apr 8, 2014