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Filament Spool Wall Mount by i-SOLIDS 4 hrs ago
Split filament oiler by MarkBenson 22 hrs ago
filament tension and guide by fjsdc 4 days ago
Filament Guide for Prusa I3 by Rostber 5 days ago
Supports for Filament Organizer by nag98k 3 days ago
multi filament spoolholder by jstar0307 5 days ago
Rep Rap Warehouse/ Makerbot spool roller by Peterthinks 6 days ago
spool rod holder for ivar by humanr2d2 Jun 23, 2015
Filament Funnel by don3sch Jun 21, 2015
Screw Mod for Universal stand-alone filament spool holder by wisar Jun 21, 2015
Dust remover by Valentinov Jun 21, 2015
MakerBot Smart Extruder Filament Filter by bryanberger Jun 19, 2015