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Filament Guide for a Cylinder by Bernie1998 6 hrs ago
Prusa I3 Biohazard filament holder by CookieM 12 hrs ago
Filament Spool Holder for Replicator 5th Generation by jakereeves 14 hrs ago
bq Filament Spool Adapter by DerRobert 5 days ago
Filament Spool Wall Mount with Quick Snap Lock by A_R_B 6 days ago
All Plastic, Spool Holder, 100mm wide by Zeek_911 Oct 3, 2015
Wall Mounted Spool Rack by Elproducts Oct 3, 2015
Mini filament spool and earring carousel stand by CreativeTools Sep 30, 2015
Low friction filament holder - Printrbot Simple with alu handle by dktosoch Sep 29, 2015
Clapping Hands 100% Filament by BlackSpace Sep 25, 2015
Simple modular Filament holder by Axelhe Sep 28, 2015
Udelta Support Phil Holder by Kn0x Sep 27, 2015