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Mini Toilet Roll filament spool ,for using 1.75mm filament samples by curiousaardvark 6 hrs ago
1.75mm Filament Cleaner / PLA Oiler Accessory by cfeniak 2 days ago
OneUp/TwoUp filament guide by bkohn1 2 days ago
One-print Customisable Filament Holder by chrisgem 3 days ago
1.75mm Filament Clip by neobobkrause 6 days ago
My Customized Filament Spool by bobnojio 6 days ago
K8200 Filament spool guide cleaner and holder bracket by korben Sep 24, 2014
Filament 3mm tester by PerpetualPlasticProject Sep 24, 2014
Filament holder kit for UP PLUS 3D Printer by 3dxl Sep 23, 2014
Filament Guide Prusa I3 by NLink Sep 23, 2014
qubd filament guide one two up 1 2 by Zeek_911 Sep 21, 2014
Filament Guide Prusa i3 Acrylic Frame by Nikodem Sep 20, 2014