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Replicator Mini Large Spool Holder by Thor3D 18 hrs ago
Ultimaker 2 Filament Guide - GueggelMod by gluetolf 1 day ago
Filament Spool Stand for 16mm PVC Pipe by Horstage 1 day ago
Low draft filament Spool Holder for Lulzbot - Mendel by Lucho87 2 days ago
AJGW Extruder for 1.75 mm Filament by Yvan 3 days ago
Prusa i3 filament guide by fntsmn 3 days ago
Filament clip 3mm (2.85mm) by Undeviljur 6 days ago
Dual Spool Holder by Alexibot 6 days ago
Replicator 2 Spool Spacer - for MakerBot 900gm Spools by muzz64 6 days ago
Cabinet for printer, dry storage for filament with easy change system and tooling. 3D Printing on Wheels - workstation by GuidoZelf Jul 18, 2014
Printrbot Simple 1405 XL Filament Spool Holder by JrPi Jul 18, 2014
Round and Thin Glasses/ Sunglasses by Neverbefore Jul 16, 2014