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Linear Spool Bearing, Filament Guide & Spool End Cap by SimonSaysMake 20 hrs ago
Filament Duck remix for wall or below-shelf mounting by ZeAllan 2 days ago
Filament holder for p3steel with bearings by miginv 4 days ago
Filament jam alarm MK2 for Prusa i3 by albertom 6 days ago
Filament Reel Bearings for 1" PVC by kafarn 6 days ago
3Drag 1.75 mm filament transformation by fede27 May 16, 2015
Filament jam alarm for prusa i3 by albertom May 16, 2015
Flashforge Creator Pro Filament Adapter 30.5mm to 35.8mm by 3dprintsolutions May 16, 2015
Filament Guide With Zip Tie Holes by NSP3D May 15, 2015
Filament holder for makerbot 2 by xklutchmaster May 14, 2015
test calibration material, extruxion temperatures, new filament by 303055 May 13, 2015
Trash Can Clips - Save & Recycle your plastics! by LokusArts May 13, 2015