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Printrbot Simple Filiment Guide and Z Axis Stabilizer with Bearings by ES0602 23 hrs ago
Spool Holder (Concept) by Giova by GiovaGio 3 days ago
I lb Filament Spool Holder. by martialmedia 4 days ago
Single ended Vertical/Horizontal Filament Mount by AdilMalik 5 days ago
Printrbot Filament Guide by Malian 6 days ago
Soporte Filamento by NETCRAKER 6 days ago
parametric spool hub remix by foofoodog Aug 23, 2014
Filament Spool Adapter 73mm by fulltilt Aug 22, 2014
UM2 Bearing Filament Guide by ppyromann Aug 21, 2014
Filament spool holder mount for MakerBot Replicator by 3Dkachel Aug 20, 2014
Printed Filament Reel Holder by retallick Aug 20, 2014
Filament Guide fo a Prusa i3 acrylic frame by Cyrrus Aug 19, 2014