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adjustable spool holder with low friction by bradyhoover_designs 56 mins ago
ink3de logo remix competition winner by Ink3de 2 hrs ago
Wanhao i3 extruder plate for flex plastics by gurux13 3 hrs ago
m3 filament holder by ForrestChandler 16 hrs ago
External filament holder by Skorpiov 22 hrs ago
Skull decor by Medelis 1 day ago
Filament Guide Prusa i3 RepRapGuru V2 by CutterNorth 2 days ago
Prusa i3 Filament-holder by Simakrima 2 days ago
Anet A8 Filament Guide Closed by BacaBej 2 days ago
Filament Spool Roller by EraseGrey 3 days ago
Maker Select / Wanhao Duplicator Extended Spool Holder by VinceTibo 3 days ago
Extrulibrator 1.75mm V1 by tellingmachine 3 days ago