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BuMat Spool Holder for Printrbot Simple Metal Version 2 by OverrideStudios 21 hrs ago
Minimalist Printrbot Simple Metal Spool Holder by KingRahl 1 day ago
Universal stand-alone filament spool holder (Fully 3D-printable) by CreativeTools 2 days ago
Another Filament Holder for ROBO3d by ssshake 5 days ago
A chip holder for reseting the Da Vinci 1.0 filament chip using an Arduino by SongtsenGampo Oct 15, 2014
Hemispherical Spool Roller by cbaber66 Oct 14, 2014
Printrbot Simple Metal Filament Cradle V1.0 by GordonInnovations Oct 14, 2014
Filament Spool Holder by Unix Oct 12, 2014
Filament Spool Helper v1 to avoid stopping by Overlaps of ring by carlomacchiavello Oct 12, 2014
Very compact spool holder by Canariburger Oct 12, 2014
Fan Guard 40mm. Designed for 3D Builder printer. by 3dcreatief Oct 11, 2014
matterhackers filament rod for safe air tight by Zeek_911 Oct 10, 2014