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Side Mounted XYZ Davinci Ball Bearing Filament Spool Carrier with Friction Plate by MadManAndrew 6 hrs ago
Elfa based Filament Shelf by Cinya 15 hrs ago
XYZ Davinci Side Mounted Filament Spool Holder by MadManAndrew 23 hrs ago
15.7mm pipe mount spool holder by laughingman 23 hrs ago
Filament Guide for Tower Center - Prusa i3 8mm Acrylic by kafarn 1 day ago
Filament Spool Guide - 1" PVC by kafarn 2 days ago
M3D Micro Spool holder Rev.2 by Hogsqueal 2 days ago
3D Filament Spool Scale / Meter Indicator by smokinpuppy 2 days ago
3D Filament Spool Holder (Multi-width) by smokinpuppy 2 days ago
Printrbot Clip-On Filament Guide and Cleaner by Simonwlchan 3 days ago
Ekobots - Filament Cooler for Mendel Prusa by jsirgado 3 days ago
Filament Rack - Quick Change Filament Rack by Tony_D 3 days ago