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Scrap filament tweezers by daGHIZmo 6 hrs ago
Slim Direct Extruder for Chinese J-Head Hotend by meehantp 3 hrs ago
Rack-Mount Threaded Bar Holder by labidus 1 day ago
Filament Space Filter by ramkam 4 days ago
Filament spool stand, another one by El_artista 5 days ago
THE Clip by NeatherBot 5 days ago
Simple spool holder by Boeing787 5 days ago
Filament Stand by D4_Tyler 5 days ago
Robox Filament Catcher by nonzero 5 days ago
Soporte universal para filamento, con rodamientos 608ZZ by BartolomeDT 6 days ago
Chamberfitted fully printable spoolholder and filament guidance by daak93 Dec 15, 2014
3mm Filament Clip - Heart shaped by Area51 Dec 15, 2014