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pla filament connection to girder by Byctrldesign 24 mins ago
(Prototype) electronic trombone with conductive filament by arrowmeiwaracing 2 hrs ago
Kossel / Delta Filament Holder Frame System by patrick_lee 2 days ago
Universal Spool Holder v2.0 by jjpowelly 2 days ago
wanhao spool adapter and spacer for makergeeks and similar larger diameter filament spools. by delukart 2 days ago
140mm Bearing for Spool Stacking by don3sch 20 hrs ago
Customizable Universal Filament Filter by Neon22 3 days ago
Kossel Filament Frame Holder by patrick_lee 4 days ago
Nema 17 Filament Spool Holder by beebenutz 4 days ago
Kossel filament frame holder by patrick_lee 4 days ago
Filament sponge for Prusa i3 Hephestos by SmartNOOB 5 days ago
Thrust bearing filament holder by PurpleSensation 5 days ago